Fondation Guillaume Sweden 2019

The collection have four parts. HARD – ANDRO – SOFT – WIERD the four parts in the collection give you the feeling of,

  • HARD = Harder line, modern version of the 90. Sharp lines and contrasts. Inspiration of punk and synth.
  • ANDRO = Relaxed, Naturally, Pure, Stripped, Mat, Androgynous.
  • SOFT = Soft and relaxed feeling. Soft motion, round shapes. Natural warm tones, soft shades.
  • WIERD = Complementary colors, strong colors. Smooth/messy. WHAT?! Weird. Must be perceived as strange. That you dare to stand out and be yourself. Own their weirdness.

Sponsors: Wella Sverige, Hårologi Stockholm AB, @KAO.
Photo: Linda Schuster
Idea of the collection: Gunilla Bergfeldt