”Learning for Life”

Education for Life

Intercoiffure Mondial is a global organization that wants to, as well as have the ability to, do something for underprivileged young adults.

We all know that the life of an Intercoiffure member is in strong contrast to the life of many people in the world today. That is why we want to do something for people whose lives are not a given and full of opportunities – the way many of us see our life.

Education for Life is a project that all Intercoiffure members are encouraged to further develop and pass on with great pride and joy. In addition to financial aid, education is the area we have chosen to engage in, in order to empower and provide self-help to young adults less fortunate.

In 2004 Intercoiffure Mondial started the educational program ”Learning for life”. Through dontations from members as well as support from partners, we have started six Intercoiffure schools for underprivileged young adults in Brazil, Romania, Bosnia and South Africa. But this is just a start. More schools are underway.

Our Swedish Intercoiffure members Anna-Karin Eriksson and Jonas Rönnholm visited the Education for Life school in Bosnia in September 2012. During their visit, they taught students whom were both interested and engaged. The goal is to continually visit all Education for Life schools to teach and enthuse students. Intercoiffure members are encouraged to support Education for Life in any way they choose. One of our members, Gunilla Olsson, has, together with her team at the salon Creative Zone, i.e. produced a hair style book which is sold to hair dressers all over the world. All proceeds goes to the Education for Life program.

Financial resources are obviously key to pursue this kind of project. Intercoiffure Mondial has decided to not use the organization’s budget for this – the project is run entirely by donations from members. To ensure minimal costs for administration etc., since we want the project to benefit from all donations, we have set up a donation account in Switzerland.

The project got a fantastic start during ”Hair Brazil 2004” when SEK 70 000 was collected for ”Casa do Menor”. The official start for Education for Life took place at the Intercoiffure World Congress in Tokyo 2004. At the end of 2004 the collected donations was SEK 270 000 and three years later it was close to SEK 700 000! During 2012 Intercoiffure Sweden collected donations of SEK 100 000 that was handed over at the world congress the same year.