Foundation Guillaume

Maitre Guillaume (1903-1989)

Guillaume Guglielmi was only one of the greatest creators of our century but also a highly talented sculptor, an avant-garde artist and patron of the arts.

In order to be able to preserve his inheritance for future generations, Intercoiffure created the ”Fondation Guillaume” in 1982. The personal artwork bequeathed by the Maitre together with his collections – marvelous bronze sculptures – can be admitted by visitors at the House of Nations.

In 1982, he was engaged by Elisabeth Arden and opened salons in the United States for Arden. In 1936, Guillaume finally opened his own salon at 5, Avenue Matignon which became the meeting point for the most beautiful and famous ladies in Paris.

The cuts and hairstyles of Guillaume have marked his entire epoch as these creations reflected the very spirit of fashion. In 1936, he created the ”Page” cut, in 1947 the hairstyles o go with Christian Dior´s ”New Look” and in 1949, the ”Syncopée” line, a blend of short and long hair in harmony of colour. With the ”F” line, he invented the geometrical cut, being ahead of all the creators. By the, Guillaume was styling the hair of the models of most of the Haute Couture Collections. In 1963, he invented the ”Lioness” for the painter Léonor Fini, a hairstyle which became world famous. The ”Vivante” line (1972) was to be the last one because one year later Guillaume closed down his legendary salon in order to devote himself to sculpting and writing.

Guillaume´s creativity touched other areas: his first sculpture ”Angel” dates from 1932. Jean Cocteau, whom he met in 1940, became a personal friend as did many other artists: the painters Christian Bérard and Gruau, the writer Louise de Vilmorin, the dancer Yvette Chauviré, the couturier of Christian Dior. As a talented sculptor, Guillaume first formed his hairstyles in clay and it was not until he found the perfect line and harmony that he would put them in practice.

Maitre Guillaume formed and fostered many young hairdressers and affirmed: in this spirit, for more than 25 years the ”Fondation Guillaume” together with Intercoiffure Mondial has been organizing every year Junior Forum Seminars, the future of Intercoiffure Mondial.